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Invoice Factoring Services as low as 0.59%

USA Factoring can help solve your cash flow problems with an immediate infusion of money with our invoice factoring services. With advances up to 97%, it will give you the flexibility to help your company grow. Our factoring services don't stop at just invoice factoring (Accounts Receivable Factoring), we can also help you with your purchase order financing.

We help you get the cash you need advanced on a monthly based upon invoice factoring your account receivables. Cash within 24 hours without having to spend the time collecting the money from your customers. ( Recourse Factoring and Non-Recourse Factoring )

Auto Industry
Manufacturing all area's, from Auto Parts Company, Electronics to Auto Glass Installers/Shopps
Agriculture Factoring
Growers, Shippers, Brokers, Processors, Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Cable Industry
Cable Contractor, Cable Installation, Cable Service, Cable Testing/Diagnostics, Underground Utilities and Tower Constructions
Contractors and Sub-contractors
Gravel Hauling, Trench Digging, Utility Construction Company, Etc.
Freight, Freight Broker and Trucking
Owner Operators | Small to Mid-Size Trucking Company | Fleet Trucking
( Free Load Board )
| Freight Bill Factoring
Government Contracts and Government Purchase Order Financing
Federal, State, Local and Municipal governments
International ( Over 60 countries around the world )
Africa, Asia, Australia, China, Europe, India, Middle East, North and South America, Etc.
Janitorial and Maintenance Services
Property Managers, Apartment Complexes, Business Owners, City, County, State and Federal Offices Buildings, HOAs, Schools, Etc.
Manufacturing and Distributors: ( Domestic and International )
Aerospace, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electronic Commerce, Engineering, Energy, Environmental Technologies, Metalworking, Plastics, Pulp and Paper Industry, Textile
Medical ( Healthcare )
Insurance companies, HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid
Medical/Healthcare Staffing:
PTs | RNs | RTs | CNAs | OTs | MDs | Etc.
Medical Transcription Services
All areas of Medical Manufacturing
Oilfield Services
Operating Oil and Gas field properties on contract, Construction Activities, Rig Mobilization: Site Prep and Demobilization, Well Completion, Geophysical Surveying , Mapping Services, Oil and Gas Pipeline, Trucking
Security Industry
Security Guards, Armored Service and Security Staffing
Staffing and Temporary Employment Agencies
From Start-Up to Large Staffing Companies
Clerical, IT Staffing, Warehouse, Payroll Funding / Factoring, Permanent Staffing, Temporary Staffing, etc.
Telecommunications, IT Industry, Communications and Internet related businesses:Long Distance, VoIP, Triple Play, Wholesale, Wireless, ISPs, CLECs and Content Providers. Telecommunications Equipment, Installers, Providers, Etc.

United States | Canada | International

Compare Factoring Account Receivables vs other financing options.

Accounts receivable funding or invoice factoring is a great alternative to traditional finance options. One of the most over looked area's for factoring are bank turn-downs. A lot of times a company is looking for a loan to cover there account receivable amount to cover pay roll or other monthly needs where bank factoring would work more perfect than a bank loan because there getting monthly credit without fee's.

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You put in your owe numbers and you will see that invoice factoring is your answer to cash flow problems.

By using USAfactoring invoice factoring services, your company can concentrate on what you do best, running your business and increasing sales.