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Orange, California 92868

Bank Factoring/Financing Non-Qualifying Bank Loans

Bank factoring/financing offers banking customers options when they are unable to qualify for a business loan/personal loan. There are still many options available even when the bank said no. Look over the options we have here and you will be amazed how we can work with you because of the different options we offer. With over $ 1 billion in accounts receivable funded to date between USAfactoring and our partners. Been in business since 1999 gives us the experience over other factoring companies. We understand what it takes to help you financially regardless why you were turned down for a bank loan.
  • Companies with their bank credit line capped and need more leverage.
  • Obtain financing for companies with a negative net worth, a history of operating losses and or highly leveraged companies.
  • Companies with no credit, bankruptcy, or tax liens issues can qualify for our financing programs.
  • New and high growth companies.
  • Cash flow dilemmas that have an immediate cash flow need. (Payroll, Tax Obligations, etc.)
  • Companies who may be winning contracts or orders but do not have the financials. Instant source of working capital/cash flow.
Weather you are a bank referral or found us via the web, USAFactoring will help you secure the financing you are looking for. Our funding will have no effect on your banking relationship you have because we do not create debt. We will work with you to keep your banking relationship intact, leaving the door open for future lending opportunities with your bank.

Account receivable monthly from $2,500 to $12,000,000 Monthly

Bank Factoring/Financing offers you options bank cannot:
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • Cash in "24 hours"
  • "No New Debt"
  • Non-Recourse and Recourse
  • You choose the invoices to factor
  • No restrictions on the use of the cash
Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you regardless why your bank loan was turned down with factoring your account receivables turned into cash for you.