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Invoice Factoring Benefits

Cash in as little as 24 hours
Invoice Factoring Benefits provides you with the ability to meet your " cash flow needs immediately! "
No debt created.
Loans require collateral limited by your hard assets. Invoice Factoring is NOT a loan, so there is no debt to repay. A factoring company purchases your invoices at a discount. This enhances the financial ratios often used to determine your credit worthiness in obtaining other types of financing. Your balance sheet is more attractive and your financial position is strengthened.

High advance rate
Our participating factors provide Higher Advance Rates which means you factor fewer invoices to meet your cash flow needs, which also means " YOU WILL SAVE MONEY! "
Expand your business
Working capital grows as your sales grow.
Invoice Processing
You can greatly reduce your cost of processing invoices because factors can handle much of the work.
Enhance your credit
Once you begin invoice factoring, the increased cash flow will provide the liquidity to pay your vendors on time. Making timely payments to vendors positively affects your credit rating and allows you to obtain credit from other vendors and financial institutions.
Increased productivity
Business owners often spend more than half of their time on duties they do not find productive, such as collections, administration, bookkeeping, warding off creditors and searching for additional capital. Factoring helps eliminate this wasted time.

Reduce accounting cost
You will receive information regarding outstanding and paid accounts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

No loss of business equity
Ownership percentages remain unchanged with a invoice factoring arrangement (unlike considering bringing in new partners with capital)

More Invoice Factoring Benefits

Helps you meet seasonal demand
Improve creditworthiness
Gives you regulate cash flow
Lets you take early pay discounts
Helps you meet payroll
Helps your credit line grows with your business
Invoices are paid faster with invoice factoring
No tax returns, audits or financial s needed
No other collateral needed

Invoice factoring Benefits largest benefit is to not worry about
Cash Flow and watch your company grow.